Crazy-Easy Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners

Crazy-Easy Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners

Hands up if you think you’re not artistic enough to start a bullet journal? If you’ve spent time looking on Pinterest for bullet journal ideas and found yourself overwhelmed, you’re not alone.

bullet journal ideas |
bullet journal ideas |
bullet journal ideas |
bullet journal ideas |
bullet journal ideas |
bullet journal ideas |

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If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest, you’ll have seen hundreds of beautiful bullet journal spreads. You’ll find layouts for everything from keeping track of daily to-do lists, to tracking your periods.

Pinterest is awash with bullet journal page ideas. Maybe you’ve even got a board or two where you’ve saved some of those gorgeous images as inspiration for yourself. You know, just in case you become a completely different person who’s suddenly good at making things look beautiful?

Once you get caught up in what other people are doing, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed. (Actually, that statement pretty much applies to all of life, doesn’t it?)

If you’re artistically challenged (like me), or just getting started with bullet journalling, and wanting to keep things simple, then hopefully this post will have some bullet journal ideas that will suit you. You should also definitely check out the original bullet journalling site to see the basic system. I can show you how I do things, and you should definitely watch out for upcoming posts where I’ll do just that, but Ryder Carroll’s site is the best place to go for a full overview of the system.

Crazy-Easy Bullet Journal Ideas

Here you go, a lovely list of simple bullet journal ideas. They’re all perfect bullet journal ideas for beginners, and require almost no artistic skills whatsoever. Seriously, if I can do these, then I’m pretty sure you’ll be just fine. I’ll also include a picture of my current setup, which is very basic and functional.

Mountain Mood Tracker

planning mindfully mountain mood tracker

Rachel at Planning Mindfully has this lovely mountain-themed mood tracker, that shows that your bullet journal can be beautiful, without needing to have a lot of elaborate artwork. So simple that I think even I could manage it. Rachel also has this post featuring easy bullet journal decoration ideas (STICKERS!!)

Savings Tracker

If you’d like a page to keep track of your savings, then hop over and see Rhoda at LemonyFizz.  She’s done the hard work for you, all you have to do is pick up her savings tracker printable. While you’re there, take a look at all the other printables she has to offer.

Simple Weekly Spread

If you can use a ruler, then you can put together the super-simple weekly spread that Waheeda from Habits Buzz uses. This bullet journal idea is just perfect for absolute beginners. She also has this great post on starting a bullet journal.

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Bullet Journal Ideas for Easy Weekly Spreads

Here’s another really beautiful, really easy weekly spread, by Determined but Scared, on Tumblr. I adore the way the names of the days are incorporated in the lines, but I fear that if I tried the same, it wouldn’t look quite so beautiful. It’s still a gorgeous bullet journal idea, though, and, once again, you only need to know how to use a ruler to make it work.

How to Make a Health Tracker in Your Bullet Journal

My bullet journal setup is pretty minimal, and I don’t use a lot of the fancy spreads that others use. I do like using my bujo to track progress towards goals, though, so I really loved these health trackers from Sasha at Life’s Carousel. There are three different trackers in the post, but this is my favourite, a simple habit tracker to keep you accountable to yourself when building new healthy habits.

Bujo Sleep Tracker

Sleep! Most of us feel like we never get enough of it, and, just like anything you’re trying to improve, it can be helpful to track how much sleep you’re actually getting. It’s far easier to make positive changes to fix a situation if you’ve got some data to go on. That’s why I love this post on How to Create a Sleep Tracker from Thass and Kirsty at Diary of a Journal Planner.  I love bullet journal ideas that are really simple like this, and there’s still plenty of space for adding a bit of personality, either with your own artwork, or with stickers, washi tape, and the like.

Weekly Spread with Watercolour Circles

If you’re looking for a really easy weekly spread for your bullet journal, that’s still pretty enough to make you actually want to write in, then Rose, of Little Miss Rose has the perfect solution. How gorgeous is this? Her post starts out with a very minimal spread, using stencils to keep everything neat, and then walks you through various options to customise it. My favourite version is this one, with the simple watercolour wash in the circles.

Weekly Spread with Big Numbers

This weekly bullet journal layout from Without Elephants is another one that shows that you really don’t need all the doodles and fancy pens to make something striking. You could even use stencils or stickers to help you get the numbers the way you like them if you’re not confident at writing freehand. Actually, this whole post is filled with examples, and a lot of them would be very easy to emulate, so do click through and take a closer look.

Hydration Tracker Bullet Journal Idea

I’ve mentioned before that, often, when I’m feeling a bit rubbish, I can track back and see that I haven’t been drinking enough water. Although I’m usually good at this, sometimes I let the hydration habit slide. If you’re trying to drink more water, then a hydration tracker can be a really good way to stay focused on that goal. This one’s a free printable from A Sparkle of Genius, and I love that it lasts a full month, so you can get a feel for your progress as time goes on.

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

If you’re dealing with depression, then it’s sometimes helpful to keep a note of how you feel each day. I find that I often over-generalise, and tell myself that I’ve been feeling crappy for weeks, when, actually, there have definitely been some good days scattered in there. A mood tracker can help you with that, showing you how things have really been over the last month. This one comes from Jessi at BohemiMama. I really like the way she’s put it on the page facing her sleep and exercise tracker because we all know that those things definitely impact on our mood.

How My Bullet Journal Looks Right Now

If even the bullet journal ideas above are a bit much for you, here’s the layout I’m using right now. Sometimes I break out of my comfort zone and try something a little fancier, but I’ve stuck with this very basic setup for a while now. It’s very forgiving, with no empty spaces to mock me if I take a few days off.

can use a ruler, and I could have redrawn my habit tracker more neatly.

In all honesty though, most of the time my journals look like this, messy but functional, and that’s fine by me.

How my bullet journal looks right now |

There you go, ten beautiful bullet journal ideas to help you get started. (Plus a bonus picture of my very basic setup.)

I hope these help you see that you don’t need expensive pens, or amazing drawing skills. You can still create something beautiful, and, more importantly, functional.

The point of bullet journalling is to give your brain a rest from keeping track of All The Things. Bullet journalling helps you create a system to help you be your best self. If you want to make it beautiful, go right ahead, but if you prefer to keep things simple, then that’s fine too.

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